Objective Outcome Measures

It is really important for us as professionals and you as patients to see if spending the week with us is making any difference to your ability. To monitor this we complete objective assessments on the Monday morning of your residential rehabilitation week and we repeat the same assessments again on the Friday. This allows us to compare your results before and after our input, which also helps with the medico-legal provision.

The outcome measures we use focus on a variety of skills, for example stepping sideways, walking up a slope and balance tests. As with all of our rehabilitation, it is completely tailored to the individual, so don’t worry! If you aren’t able to walk up a slope at the moment then we skip that test – but it also tells us that we need to work on that, if it’s something you would like to be able to do. This helps to guide our treatment plan for the week as we know we need to incorporate work on the areas you find harder during the assessments.

Here are some examples of the outcome measures we use:

Timed Up & Go  

4 Square Test


The Assessment Results

These are only compared to your previous scores, not with anybody else so don’t feel pressured to perform well. Having said that, you might be surprised how competitive you get with yourself to beat your scores! But bear in mind we want you to show us your true ability, that way you get the biggest benefit from your rehabilitation with us.

It is also important to remember it isn’t just about achieving a better score on an assessment, it is also very much about technique and quality of movement. For example, we don’t want you to rush and use a poor technique to get a bigger distance on a 6 minute walk test. We are looking for your walking technique to improve over the week so that subsequently your distance improves on a 6 minute walk because you have a more efficient gait pattern, for example.

At the end of the week we like to share the results with the patient so you can see the difference made in just five days. This gives patients a huge confidence boost as they can visibly see the improvements they have made and what benefits they can get from working hard. It also helps to motivate patients to continue with their rehabilitation at home in between physiotherapy sessions.

We keep a record on your patient profile of the assessment scores from each week so when you come back for more rehabilitation we can see where you were previously. This helps with goal setting for that week and evidence shows that when realistic, specific goals are set, they are more likely to be achieved!

Here is an example of a patients outcome measures after five days of rehabilitation, all of which improved:


Start of Week

End of Week

Timed Up & Go

9.41 seconds

6.68 seconds

Timed Up & Go slope

18.58 seconds

8.13 seconds


21 seconds

10.60 seconds

6 minute walk

200 metres

270 metres

4 square

15 seconds

9.23 seconds




Berg Balance test