Managing socket fit with specialised socks

During the COVID-19 Pandemic Dorset Orthopaedic are only seeing emergency patients in the clinic. We are still contactable by phone and email but I wanted to give some tips and advice about how you can be proactive to prevent a prosthetic emergency.

The most likely prosthetic emergencies we are going to see are failures of components or specific comfort issues that have arisen as a result of your residual limb altering in shape or volume. Should you have an emergency please contact your clinic as normal and we will get you seen and any repairs, modifications undertaken as quickly and safely as possible. 

Should you need to attend one of our clinics we will ensure that you only see one clinician and your appointment time does not crossover with anyone else. Where possible we will try to repair any breaks remotely, using a courier service between you and our clinic team.

One area the amputee population can  sometimes  struggle with, particularly if you are a relatively new amputee, is socket fit. This can be managed with prosthetic limb socks. If you feel that your socket is becoming too loose and you do not have any prosthetic socks, please contact us so that we can send some out to you. 

The socks come in various thicknesses, some are uniform along the whole length and others are thick only at the top or bottom. If you have a pin liner then they come with a hole in the bottom, and you must make sure that no material is touching the teeth of the pin, or you may get locked in. if you would like to discuss your socket fit with your prosthetist please call your clinic as usual.

You may find that in the morning you need no socks at all but as the day goes on and you’re wearing your socket more the compression and movement can shrink your residual limb. You can layer socks over each other to find your perfect fit. If you are constantly changing between no socks to multiple then usually we stick with the same socket until you have settled and are regularly wearing the same number of socks throughout the day.

Dorset Orthopaedic usually cast for a new socket or make adaptations as soon as any fit issues occur but under the Pandemic circumstances we want to minimise any trips into the clinic. An ill-fitting socket can cause damage to your skin due to excess movement causing friction, you can also sink to the bottom of your socket if it is not tight enough causing bruising, swelling or pain. Damage to your residual limb will mean you cannot wear your prosthesis so it’s important to keep on top of the fit and how it feels.

To get in touch, simply call us on 0800 433 2239 or email . Alternatively click here and complete the form.