Ruth Nicholson - Prosthetist

Ruth Nicholson started at Dorset Orthopaedic in June 2021 as a Prosthetist and joined the team at the new London Clinic in Egham 

In 2005, Ruth started working as a Technician at Roehampton Queen Mary’s Hospital. This is where Ruth’s interest in Prosthetics began as she was working with her Prosthetist colleagues in the clinic and enjoyed working with people so decided to develop her career. Ruth attended the University of Salford and received her degree in Prosthetics and Orthotics and has now worked as a Prosthetist since 2010.  

Currently, Ruth has a variety of specialities including treating Osseointegration patients, Upper limb Prosthetics, Limb differences for kids and Hip Disarticulation. Ruth is a motivated person who is always looking to progress and build on her current skillset. 

Ruth is passionate about solving problems and helping patients achieve their goals, whether this be from learning to write a letter or being able to get back to work. Ruth loves helping people maintain their independence and her favourite part of the her role is when patients come back with a knackered limb as this means they have been getting the most use out of it!