Peter Honeycombe - Orthotist

Peter has been practicing orthotics for 35 years, beginning his career in the private sector before working in the NHS for two decades. He joined Dorset Orthopaedic three years ago and is passionate about the professional standing of orthotics and their place within both the private and National Health Service.

Peter is proud to work closely with wonderful clinicians, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, medical engineers, technicians, consultants and patients. Keen to see the continued provision and development of orthotics, Peter spent eight years on various national committees and has worked with the University of Southampton on research into the effectiveness of ankle foot orthoses.

Believing that orthotics can often be limited by our imaginations, Peter stays motivated by the fact that there is often a solution to someone’s difficulty just waiting to be found. All it takes is a little thought and practice to exceed a patient’s expectations of what they thought was possible.

After so many years of industry experience, Peter has found that it can often be the small things that make a difference. Some of the most well received and life changing orthoses that Peter has handled have also been the simplest. These ortheses help to improve a patient’s quality of life by removing pain or providing the confidence to do activities, such as walking outside, that they were previously too nervous to attempt.