Kim Pickering - Orthotist

Kim works as an Orthotist and joined Dorset Orthopaedic a year ago. With 15 years’ industry experience, Kim loves meeting and getting to know all kinds of different clients, taking pride in deciding which orthosis would best suit their needs and lifestyle.

Prior to joining Dorset Orthopaedic, Kim worked for a specialist paediatric orthotic company and spent ten years working at Poole Hospital. Living and working so close to the Ringwood clinic for so long enabled Kim to build up good relationships with both colleagues and patients, some of which she still sees.

One of Kim’s recent achievements has been supplying a client with an Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO) to replace his conventional calliper. The AFO enabled him to walk without the weight of the calliper, stopped the pressure problems he was experiencing and allowed him to walk on uneven surfaces, as well as up and down slopes without feeling unstable.

Kim enjoys furthering her knowledge by attending training courses, staying up to date with industry developments and new products and discussing the best way to help clients with her colleagues. Just as active outside of the work environment, Kim enjoys keeping fit with visits to the gym, as well as running to help improve her motivation and energy levels. She’s also a mum to two young children and loves spending time with her family.