Howard Woolley - Prosthetist

Howard Woolley is a seasoned prosthetist who will soon be celebrating 20 years of assisting amputees in their search for a better life.  Howard began his career as a wooden boat builder before going on to earn a degree in product design. He started his career in the prosthetics industry after studying at Salford University, after all these years, he still sees a lot of parallels.

There have been several memorable moments in Howard's 20-year career, but working with amputees to help them recover their independence is the most rewarding. He specialises in lower limb solutions for both below and above knee amputees, and he has treated many individuals who have had traumatic injuries as well as other illnesses including diabetes, cancer, and congenital defects.

Howard develops solutions to meet the needs of patients, and he brings his two decades of experience to a strong Dorset Orthopaedic team to help amputees achieve even greater success.