Gillian Burrage - Prosthetist

Gillian has been with Dorset Orthopaedic since October 2016 and loves the continuous innovation within the prosthetics industry and learning how they could benefit her patients. Gillian’s main experience is in working with people who have suffered from complex trauma and multiple amputations, guiding them through their early rehabilitation.

Gillian has wide ranging experience from across the industry which includes working with microprocessor knees, osseointegration, TMR (Targeted Muscle Reinnervation) and fitting sports prostheses including running blades, ski blades and adaptive upper limb devices for water sports. One of the key aspects that Gillian is most focused on in her work is the importance of a good socket fit and how his impacts the rehabilitation of her patients.

Gillian’s favourite part of her role is seeing people achieve their goals, no matter how big or small they may be. This was highlighted on attending the first Invictus Games in 2014, where Gillian was able to watch some of her former patients push themselves and achieve incredible feats that they never expected to.

Outside of work, Gillian enjoys keeping active, trying her hand at skiing, rock climbing and squash, as well as spending time with her family and friends.