Complimentary Assessment

For over 30 years, Dorset Orthopaedic has been at the forefront of prosthetic, orthotic and rehabilitation clinical excellence.

We firmly believe that effective multi-disciplinary rehabilitation should be identified as early as possible to enable the patient to begin their journey. We have experienced that the longer a patient waits for their treatment, the more difficult it becomes for them.

For this reason, we offer an early complimentary assessment from one of our highly skilled clinicians. During the assessment, we understand the patient’s specific goals and needs and identify the treatment they will require in the short, medium and long term to allow to achieve those goals.

Within 2 weeks from the case manager/solicitor referral, our expert clinicians will carry out a 90-minute multi-disciplinary complementary assessment. We then aim to provide a follow-up letter that a clear prosthetic/orthotic and rehabilitation treatment plan together with a detailed quotation within 72 hours of the assessment.

Case managers or solicitors are always welcome to attend appointments with their clients, whilst following our Covid-19 protocols and we have dedicated points of contact to make the process as smooth as possible.

These complementary assessments are only provided when clients are referred for treatment by case managers or solicitors and liability is established on a case.

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