Introducing our Comfort Fit Sockets®

We have been working on a project for quite some time which has involved considerable investment in new equipment and training of our staff. This will result in our clinics now being able to supply our Comfort Fit Sockets®.


Over the coming month we will also be announcing the opening of our new in-house workshop that allows us to make our handmade sockets on site.

We will be introducing a number of new socket designs that will incorporate more flexible and lightweight materials. Combine these materials with over 25 years of expertise and hand skills needed to design and sculpt bespoke comfortable socket shapes, and we have the winning formulae for our new Comfort Fit range.

This enables the prosthetic wearer, whether negotiating a busy home or office environment or running a marathon, to Live Life without Limits.

Comfort Fit Socket Dorset Orthopaedic

Clinic Manager Matthew Hughes explains:

“A socket is vital. You can have the best prostheses in the world, but if the socket is not comfortable, nothing is going to be right in everyday activity, let alone competing in intensive sport as some of our clients do, such as Malcolm Hingle or off-road runner Colin Edwards.”

Read more about our Comfort Fit Sockets here.