Upper Limb Cosmesis

As Unique as You

Embracing twenty years’ experience, research and development, the specialist silicone team at Dorset Orthopaedic provide market-leading upper limb cosmeses designed to meet individual needs. Whether function and durability, comfort or cosmetic appearance is your primary concern, our technicians are available to design the perfect cosmesis for you.
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Accessible from our UK clinics in Ringwood and Burton or from one of our worldwide partners, Dorset Orthopaedic upper limb cosmeses are available for all levels of amputation, from wrist disarticulation to below elbow, above elbow and shoulder disarticulation.

The experienced and talented team provide bespoke silicone cosmeses for two types of prosthetic arm: the Dress Arm, which is a light, static arm with poseable fingers with which the finest lifelike cosmeses can be made. The second is the Myo Electric Arm, which enables you to combine a functional device with a custom made cosmesis. Both types of arm can be built with soft, flexible silicone sockets for a close contact, comfortable fit.

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There are two  types of bespoke silicone cosmeses, Tri Colour and Multi Colour. These products offer varying levels of cos metic detail to accommodate different requirements and budgets. Both types of cosmesis are custom made, sculpted by hand to mirror the volume, skin and nail characteristics of your sound side or a hand of your choice. The Multi Colour Cosmesis is our highest definition product. Every detail imaginable that forms an integral part of your limb – for example hair, freckles, moles, veins and even tattoos can be incorporated. The Tri Colour Cosmesis is a middle range product made from three skin tones, two nail colours and hair if required.

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To facilitate the creation of such lifelike products, a silicone appointment is made for you. Silicone appointments are conducted by specialist technicians, whom you can discuss your needs and expectations with. During this appointment the technician compiles all the information they require in order to manufacture your bespoke order. Measurements and photos are taken, custom colours are mixed and a defined plaster cast of your sound side is made.

To book an appointment or to find out more, please email us by clicking here or call 01425 481740. Alternatively take our details to your local clinician to discuss the options for ordering one of our cosmeses.