Partial limb

Each cosmesis is hand-crafted from a specially formulated silicone that is matches the exact shape, pigment, and individual characteristics.

Product images

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Product overview

We can produce a wide range of silicone covers for congenital or accident damaged limbs that blend seamlessly with your body.

We provide silicone solutions for: –

  • Partial feet
  • Partial hands
  • Digits
  • Toes

In accordance with your needs and preferences, we can provide bespoke customisation of: –

  • Colouring – will be matched to your own skin tones
  • Shaping and details – are individually sculpted
  • Nails – sculpted to copy shape, colour and appearance
  • Hair – matching colour, placement, direction and density
  • Veins – can be included for greater definition
  • Follicles – provide depth to the skin-like finish
  • Moles – can be added and positioned as required
  • Tattoo designs – can be incorporated into any cosmesis

To find out more, please email us by clicking here or call +44 (0) 1425 481740.