Unleash your inner selves and let your imagination run wild. ‘myDesign’ is a range of silicone cosmeses customised by you, from extensive tattoos to movie, fine art and graphics inspired motifs.

The “My Design” range encompasses many cosmeses from Transtibial and transradial to partial foot and hand products. Popular solutions range from cosmeses for water activity limbs, designed for wearing beach footwear to high heel devices.

These innovative silicone cosmeses offer the following benefits: –

Durable Colours

Initially the platinum catalyzed silicones are water white translucent. We then integrate pigments and coloured fibres with the silicone to create bespoke colours tailored to your bespoke design. This process ensures our products are pigmented throughout making them highly durable with typical life spans of 2 -3 years.

Water Resistant

In conjunction with ‘water-activity prostheses’, our silicone cosmeses can be used in sea and chlorinated water as long as they are washed in fresh water after use.

Tailored to clinical needs

Our products are manufactured using an array of silicone shores in various combinations according to your clinical needs. The very soft, flexible silicones (often referred to as gels) can be incorporated within Dorset Orthopaedic’s products (typically Partial Feet, Partial Hands and Restoration Covers) to improve comfort in regions that might be considered problematic such as sensitive spots or areas requiring greater movement. We use stiff silicones from the top end of the shore A scale to give added support and reinforcement.

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