SensorHand Speed

With a dizzying 300 mm per second opening / closing speed, (over twice as fast as before) and enhanced EMG signal processing, the new “SensorHand™ Speed” by Ottobock has unmatched performance.

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Product overview

With the SensorHand Speed, there‘s no need to keep constant watch on an object being held. The SUVA Sensor Technology integrated into the thumb instantly senses when a gripped object is about to slip. The grip stabilizing system automatically increases the gripping force until the object is held securely.

Thanks to SUVA Sensor Technology, patients can have a more secure grasp and hold onto any object. Before the object can slip from the patient’s grasp, the SensorHand Speed senses a change in the center of gravity and readjusts its grip automatically.

Select from several different control options using one or two electrodes. Simply exchange the colored coding plugs to determine the control priority. There’s peace of mind knowing the Ottobock SensorHand Speed makes it easier to grasp fragile objects or liquid-filled containers. It senses and responds to changing situations, so patients don’t have to.

Two independent measurement and regulation systems proportionally control grip speed and grip force. A strain gauge between the thumb and index finger determines whether grip force or grip speed need to be proportionally controlled.
The FlexiGrip function allows the user to passively change the position of an object within the hand without using myoelectric control to open and close the hand. Thus the grip appears flexible, like a natural hand.

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