Michelangelo Hand

The Michelangelo® Hand offers innovative, never-before-seen complex gripping kinematics, giving those with upper extremity limb loss maximum independence and flexibility by restoring numerous hand functions for the user.

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The Michelangelo® Hand gives unique functionality due to four movable fingers and a thumb that can be separately positioned using muscle signals. Seven different hand positions match the versatility and complexity of natural hand movement. The re-positionable wrist joint offers a more natural shape and movement. This results in the ability to perform various gripping movements with a natural movement pattern.

In order to achieve this the hand is equipped with two drive units. The main drive is responsible for gripping movements and gripping strength while the thumb drive allows the thumb to be electronically positioned in one additional axis of movement. Actively driven components are the thumb, index finger and middle finger. The ring finger and little finger passively follow these movements.

The Michelangelo® Hand uses advanced software that increases the responsiveness and predictability of the hand, making it much easier to operate. True to its namesake, the Michelangelo® Hand offers life-like, sculptural design, its fingers are made of both hard and soft materials mirroring bones, joints, muscles and tendons.

To complete the realistic look of the Michelangelo® Hand, PVC prosthetic gloves are available in six different skin tones. Alternatively a translucent prosthetic glove is available to show off The Michelangelo® Hand’s extraordinary technology, should the wearer prefer to show off its futuristic design.

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