i-LIMB Hand®

The i-LIMB Hand® by Touch Bionics is the world’s first fully articulating bionic hand, delivering compliant grip, wraparound fingers, thumb rotation and full hand palmar grip.

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Product overview

It brings a new dimension to upper limb prosthetics, with levels of flexibility, durability, aesthetic presentation and overall functionality that have never been seen before.

With four, independent, fully powered fingers and an articulating rotatable powered thumb, the i-LIMB Hand takes the generational lead in terminal devices.

The articulating finger underpins much of Touch Bionics’ technical advantage and it is this articulation that provides the biggest benefit to the patient or user.

With the ability to bend, touch, pick-up and point – the i-LIMB Hand matches the action of a natural hand more than any powered device that has gone before it.

The combination of mechanical function, myoelectric control and cosmesis provide a new definition of grip. No longer is in-human tip strength required to provide function.

Holding, presenting, picking, twisting, turning, pointing, grasping, and picking-up; these simple natural actions are now within the reach of everyone to get a grip on functionality.

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i-LIMB digits™

The i-limb digits™ from Touch Bionics is the fully customised electronic prosthesis for people with missing fingers or partial hands.

Product Overview

The digits, which move independently and bend at the joints, work in conjunction with any remaining fingers to help increase the user’s functional capabilities.

With i-limb digits, anywhere from one to four missing fingers and missing thumb, can be replaced with one of the individually powered prosthetic digits. i-limb digits are custom made to fit the individual in order to provide a functional solution.

With the ability to touch, pinch and pick-up, the i-limb digits assist the user with the capability to complete numerous tasks such as picking up a pen or glass of water.

Silicone covers are available for i-limb digits.

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