Genium Knee

The Genium™ Knee from Ottobock is an innovative Bionic Prosthetic System. This one-of-a-kind prosthetic knee utilizes sophisticated software to turn multiple environmental inputs (a complex sensor system, including a gyroscope and an accelerometer) into the most natural, intuitive motion available.

Product images

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Product overview

Simply put, it allows the wearer to focus on what they are doing, not the prosthesis.

The result of extensive research and development, the Genium is built on an entirely new prosthetic technology platform. This groundbreaking technology redefines quality of life for the wearer facilitating quick, complex movements, allowing the user to easily step over obstacles, and even ascend stairs.

The Genium offers new features that respond instantly to whatever changes in speed or direction the wearer makes. It also helps reduce strain on the body as well as lowering the cognitive effort required to move through everyday and challenging activities.

Given that the Ottobock C-Leg® has been the de-factor standard for microprocessor controlled knees, the Genium takes this technology into a completely different arena, offering the closest thing to natural human motion currently available.

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