Flex foot

For 25 years, the Flex-Foot®, people of every age, size and activity level have depended on Össur Flex-Foot’s signature strength, stability and flexibility. Flex-Foot, the standard in carbon fiber feet today, sets performance benchmarks in the prosthetic industry.

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Product overview

The Flex-Foot has been developed further as the new Vari-Flex® with EVO™, which is the next step in prosthetic foot design.

The unique interaction between the foot and foot shell makes the Vari-Flex with EVO more ground- compliant and helps to optimise the transfer of ground reaction forces to the foot. Users experience a proficient fluid roll-over which mimics natural motion and enhances their control of the prosthesis during stance phase.

With new re-profiled foot and Active Carbon X heel spring modules, the users now find the Vari-Flex with EVO is much easier to walk barefoot and less sensitive to slight changes in shoe heel height.


  • Enhanced roll-over characteristics
  • Reduction in peak pressures
  • Reduced sensitivity to alignment
  • Increased tolerance to barefoot walking

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