bebionic v3 hand

RSLSteeper have launched the next generation of its leading edge, multi-articulating, myoelectric hand, bebionic v3. Combining ease of control with elegance of design, bebionic v3 is available in a new medium size and features major improvements to grip, speed, accuracy and durability, in addition to new grip patterns and software features.

Product images

Product overview

The combination of individual finger actuators with advanced onboard electronics allows the bebionic hand to perform up to 14 selectable compliant grip patterns, including grips never before available in a prosthetic hand.

With new motor technology incorporated, the bebionic v3 hand reacts very quickly under smooth, fast proportional control for true two-handed activity. Onboard microprocessors continually monitor the motion of individual digits for the creation of grip patterns that may be reliably repeated and also allowing automatic grasp stability and stall detection.

The weight distribution of the hand has been optimised by positioning the mass of the motors more proximally, enabling the hand to be perceived as lighter than devices with weight positioned more distally.

The result is a prosthetic hand that more closely resembles the natural form in both movement and appearance. A custom silicone glove is also available, which involves layering of different shades of silicone to give a natural translucent finish, similar to real human skin tissue. Skin pigmentation, freckles, and veins can be incorporated for an authentic finish.

The video below shows the bebionic3 in action:

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