The SAFO® I-Fit is designed specifically for physiotherapists to aid the initial assessment and primary rehabilitation of ‘drop-foot’ patients. This quick-fit orthosis provides instant clinical feedback for both children and adults alike.

Product images

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Product overview

In line with all of our ‘Silicone-Ankle- Foot Orthosis’ products (SAFO®), the I-Fit provides comfortable and flexible support.

The clinical principles of the I-Fit follow those of the innovative SAFO® product range, with a reinforced anterior silicone shell providing the support to lift the foot during the swing phase.

Features of the SAFO® I-Fit:

  • Simulates the SAFO® product
  • Instant fitting
  • One-sized anterior leg shell (L & R)
  • 3 silicone foot tubes (small, medium & large) which can be trimmed and tailored if necessary
  • Sizes to fit all children and adults
  • All parts available to order individually

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