General orthoses

We provide a wide range of orthotic supports that are either produced or customised at our Ringwood facility. With the aid of an expert Orthotic team, we provide solutions that offer long-term comfort and aid rehabilitation.

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Product overview

Our expert Orthotists can provide solutions for a wide range of spinal and muscular related disorders. After an initial consultation, we will select the most appropriate product from either our own range, or from a wide range of third party specialist product. In most cases, we will adapt the product to your specific needs to ensure that both form, fit and function meet our exacting needs, and of course, yours.

Using lightweight thermoplastics, carbon-fibre and silicone, our solutions cover: –

  • Shoe insoles & inserts. We provide a huge range of customised insoles and shoes for various orthotic needs. Our expert Orthotists can provide advice both pre- and post-purchase of products to help ensure your orthotic performs correctly
  • Cervical collars, neck braces, shoulder braces, elbow braces and silicone wrist corset braces, hyperextensione braces, molded spinal jackets, sacroiliac, lumbosacral and trochanteric belts, tennis elbow splints, straps and subluxation cuffs

To find out more, please email us by clicking here or call +44 (0) 1425 481740.