CMT (Charcot Marie Tooth) is a hereditary condition that affects the peripheral nerves of the body. It affects people very differently, ultimately causing gradual deterioration of both the motor and sensory nerves.

Clinically CMT presents itself commonly with patients suffering from some form of weakness in their extremities (hands and feet) most commonly ‘drop foot’ is the major cause for orthotic input, however feet are generally seen with higher arches and in some cases clawing of the toes. As a result of the deterioration of both motor and sensory nerves, balance can be severely affected as well as loss of strength and dexterity in the hands.

The most common orthotic treatment for CMT is to address foot deformities along with ‘drop foot’. This can be done using functional insoles or AFOs (ankle foot orthoses). The insoles can be used for biomechanical correction whilst AFOs are used to prevent drop foot as well as providing the best possible alignment. These devices would be used separately as opposed to in conjunction with one another.

AFO is a generic term for a brace that supports the foot and ankle. They come in a wide variety of designs and material from off the shelf plastic splints to very bespoke silicone AFOs.

Dorset Orthopaedic prides itself in providing the right support for all our patients ensuring you can live life as normally as possible and with as little restriction as possible.

With over 10 years’ experience of treating a large CMT population the importance of bespoke AFOs is paramount. In recent years the SAFO® has become the most commonly prescribed orthosis for CMT patients due to its functional and comfort capabilities.

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