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World leaders for over 25 years - Dorset Orthopaedic provide the finest quality high definition, silicone solutions.  Individually colour matched, these realistic products simply blend into everyday life.

As all silicone manufacturing is done in-house, we are able to offer an extensive and varied product range – ensuring that each product is sculpted and tailored specifically to meet the individual requirements of the patient by our highly skilled and artistically gifted silicone technicians. Bespoke solutions ranging from individual digits to full transhumeral and full transfemoral applications are all available in three detailed finishes to suit any budget.

Single colour:

The single colour product is hand-sculpted to mirror the volume and texture detail of the sound side. This package provides the benefits of a high definition skin at a very competitive price. Nails are selected to match and are pre-set in colour including a base colour and a white tip.

Tri colour:

This package encompasses a great level of texture detail and can include a number of characteristics such as hair, moles veins and freckles.

Full colour:

This package delivers our finest level of detail. Each product is a true replica of nature, built to blend effortlessly with the body. All details and colours are matched from scratch to ensure that the very essence of the client’s sound side is captured.

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